flexi2pay is the world’s first FREE mobile app that helps all self-employed/freelancers/agents better known as the GIG community to manage and keep track of all their statutory planning, calculations and payment for EPF, SOCSO, income tax and Zakat.
flexi2pay App can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play.
Firstly, download flexi2pay App. After that, register yourself as a user and you can begin using the App.
There are two options to use flexi2pay app which is the FREE membership package which entitles you to do an auto-calculation for your net income, EPF, SOCSO, and Zakat. Whereas, paid membership package entitles you everything in the free package with disposable income calculation, one-to-one support, CP500 recording, and more.
Besides being able to enjoy the statutory calculation, you will receive additional Coins to redeem rewards. flexi2pay app is also working with merchants to provide self-employed workers with corporate-like benefits. This benefit is highly relatable with their current job and self-employed workers will also be able to save more money.
Transaction history can be viewed only inside the apps in your profile section menu.
Coins is a reward system to provide self-employed registered members with the chance to collect Coins to redeem FREE gifts.
Coins can be collected by registering for flexi2pay membership. Members will receive Coins with each registration steps completed.
In order for members to collect additional Coins, members only need to share referral code to friends and family. The member who shared referral code will also receive Coins with the each registration steps that the Referrer completes.
The collected Coins can then be used to redeem valuable gifts.
No, flexi2pay Coins can’t be transferred to other members and outside of the flexi2pay app.
flexi2pay Coins will expire at the end of the 12 months after they are credited.
Social Security is based on the concept of shared responsibility through pooling of resources, sharing of risk and replacement of income for self-employed workers. The function of Social Security Organization is to provide social security protection to self-employed workers and their dependents through the specific schemes such as Injury Scheme and the Invalidity Pension Scheme.
Injury Scheme provides protection to a worker against accident or an occupational disease.
Invalidity Pension Scheme provides insured person 24-hour coverage when they are no longer capable of earning.
Saving for retirement is the most important financial goal you’ll ever have. Saving now for retirement will ensure that you have enough money to enjoy a comfortable standard of living when you stop or reduce your work.
Apart from the late reporting penalties, filing and paying your taxes is good from of financing viability standpoint. Banks have a clearer indication of your legal income through your tax returns. For self-employed and freelances, filing your taxes can show your profitability and income level, which might improve your position when applying for loans because by law you are performing your duties as a responsible citizen.

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