flexi2pay: World’s First App to Support Self-Employment

flexi2pay is the world’s first FREE mobile app that helps all self-employed/freelancers/agents better known as the GIG community to manage and keep track of all their statutory planning, calculations for EPF, SOCSO, income tax and Zakat.

flexi2pay mobile app will allow the GIG community to achieve work and financial freedom with comfortable, responsible, and protected lifestyle for self and family. flexi2pay App has two options, FREE and paid membership package. With the FREE membership, you will be receiving the basic features to calculate your statutory contributions. Meanwhile, if you upgrade to paid membership package, you will be receiving additional features and exclusive benefits.

With as low as MYR 0.20 per day, members will receive one-to-one support, view e-statements and records, and so much more!

Use flexi2pay and you will have more time to earn more money!

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We are committed to helping you protect and understand your self-contribution statutory requirements for EPF, SOCSO, income tax and Zakat.

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Total flexibility anytime anywhere without affecting working time.

Free Auto Calculation on Self-Contributions

Auto calculate your EPF, SOCSO, net income for FREE.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify the statutory form and calculation.

App to the Rescue

Save and protect your financial planning.

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