Corporate-like employment benefits are the benefits which self-employed will be able to enjoy despite working on your own. This will allow the GIG economy such as self-employed workers/freelancers/agents to enjoy special discount rates and other types of benefits which corporates usually provide to their employees, for example, insurance and medical treatment benefits.
flexi2pay will be partnering with various merchants in order for self-employed to enjoy corporate-like employment benefits, when it comes to purchasing or subscribing to certain merchants’ product and/or services the self-employed will be able to save more money in the long run. flexi2pay hopes to provide these benefits to self-employed community while they are working on their own.
flexi2pay is creating a corporate-like employment benefits, just for the self-employed to enjoy. Corporates usually provide various types of employment benefits to their employees from. e.g., insurance, medical, telecommunication and internet provider discount, vacation benefits; such as special discounts from booking platforms and much more. It is crucial for the self-employed community to be able to be entitled to similar types of benefits to support their living needs.
Members will just need to purchase the paid membership in order to receive special discounts rates and benefits from our partnered merchants.
Due to the current economy situation, there are many self-employed workers/freelancers/agents who are struggling to make ends meet, with this type of benefits, this community will be able to reduce cost and save more money, at the same time enjoy other benefits which will support the self-employed needs in the long run.

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